Three Layer Labels with a Leaflet in the middle

Three Layer Labels with a Leaflet in the middle
Product Description
Three layers of labels with a leaflet inside
Model Number: 5T-CBL026

1. Relief printing and offset printing in rolls;
2. Made in both plastic and paper materials;
3. First layer is a label;
4. Second layer is a leaflet;
5. Third layer is backing plastic with removable glue;
6. Widely used in electronics production;

furnitures, cosmetics,electronics production

Quality & services: 
1. High printing quality to make sure beautiful decoration.
2. Both strong glue power and removable glue power are available.
3. Fast quotation within one working day.
4. Fast delivery , the fastest is within 2 days.
5. Low price to save your cost.
6. Online customer service, zero distance communication.
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